WV’s Tech/Inspect

This annual competition serves to determine West Virginia's Best School Bus Inspector and School Bus Technician.

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2015 Winners

First Place Technician
Nicholas County

Second Place Technician
Greenbrier County

Third Place Technician
Cabell County

First Place Inspector
Berkeley County

Second Place Inspector
Greenbrier County

Third Place Inspector
Roane County

2015 Winners
1st Place Technician Colby Holdren Nicholas
2nd Place Technician James Perkins Jr Greenbrier
3rd Place Technician   Charles Justice Cabell
1st Place Inspector   Jeff Canby Berkeley
2nd Place Inspector    Chris Vance   Greenbrier
3rd Place Inspector    Paul Vannoy           Roane         

2014 Winners (Picture)

1st Place Technician Brendan Negie Tyler
2nd Place Technician Charles Justice Cabell
3rd Place Technician   Chris Vance Greenbrier
1st Place Inspector   Chad Weaver   Marion
2nd Place Inspector    Ray Dickens   Kanawha
3rd Place Inspector    Chris Hudson        Kanawha      

2013 Winners
1st Place Technician Roger Fleming Taylor 
2nd Place Technician James Perkins Jr Greenbrier 
3rd Place Technician   Paul Vannoy Roane 
1st Place Inspector   Jerry Stricklen   Roane 
2nd Place Inspector    Colby Holdren   Nicholas 
3rd Place Inspector    Chris Hudson  Kanawha 

2012 Winners

1st Place Technician  Colby Holdren Nicholas
2nd Place Technician Roger Flemming Taylor 
3rd Place Technician   Kent Stanley Kanawha 
1st Place Inspector   Jack Defibaugh   Greenbrier 
2nd Place Inspector    Garry Weaver  Taylor 
3rd Place Inspector    Brent Brash  Fayette 

2011 Winners

1st Place Technician  Mike Brenwald Kanawha 
2nd Place Technician   Ron Rinehart Wood 
3rd Place Technician   Roger Fleming Taylor 
1st Place Inspector   Garry Weaver   Taylor 
2nd Place Inspector    Jack Defibaugh   Greenbrier 
3rd Place Inspector    Russ Deaton  Wood 

2010 Winners

1st Place Technician  Charlie Justice  Cabell 
2nd Place Technician   Mark Alan Thomas  Marion 
3rd Place Technician   Jerry "Mike" Brenwald  Kanawha 
1st Place Inspector   Dallis Maynard  Kanawha 
2nd Place Inspector    Garry Weaver  Taylor 
3rd Place Inspector    Daniel Rose  Mercer 

Special thanks to Mike Bullman, South Carolina Transportation Department,
and Committee Member of America’s Best
for assisting WVAPT in our 1st Tech-Inspect Competition.

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